How to Appeal Property Taxes in Texas

Appealing the property tax designated to your property is a right that you have in the state of Texas; however, most taxpayers don’t appeal because they don’t know how to approach the topic. Here is an inside look into how Texas Tax Property Reductions processes property tax appeals for our clientele.

Step 1: We fill out the official form of appeal 

The form, Form 50-132, is designed to aid taxpayers in the appeal process. The form asks about tax exemptions that you may qualify for, as well as, a description of the property in discussion and the reason for the protest. Reasons include: 

  1. Incorrect appraisal.
  2. Failure to send a required notice. 
  3. The exemption was denied, modified, or canceled. 

Step 2: We research the property assessments done in and near your neighborhood. 

We take the time to view public records that are found at the district office. We search for homes close to your property in:

  1. Bedroom and bathroom number
  2. Square footage
  3. Amenities, which include pools, golf courses, etc. 
  4. Add-ons that may make your home more valuable or attractive like an in-home gym, a gazebo in the backyard, grilling pit, or sunroom. 
  5. If you live in an HOA fee neighborhood, ensure to include that in the search and comparison you do as well, as HOA fees affect appraisals. 

Once that information above is determined, you can move forward to step 4. 

Step 4: We determine the property value of your home

Based on the information gathered and collected, we determine what the value of your home or property should be. 

Step 5: We go through the appeal process with the property in protest.

Your formal hearing will be set and we’ll start the process of preparing for your case before talking to the appraisal review board. We represent the homeowner at the formal hearing in front of a Appraisal review board that will determine the value then. 

Texas Tax Property Reductions proudly serves Texas with tax reduction help and more. Partnering with the best in the business, we’re here to help you not only save money but time. Want to know more about the appealing process or need help with your taxes in the future? Contact us today!

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